We help expert brands to multiply their revenue
and amplify their impact
Discover how you can impact more people and DOING
more of WHAT YOU LOVE while having all the important tasks done for you and without you...
  • ​Delegate the management of your launch, set up of a new online program or membership portal, and website development from start to finish
  • ​Be sure there are operations systems in place for billing, client relationships, work flow, communications, etc.
  • ​Have KPI metrics setup so that you know exactly what’s working in your business and what needs improvement so you can gain clarity on the next steps
  • ​Get help with outsourcing, team management, and tracking the completion of the day-to-day tasks of your team members
  • Have help with all this so YOU can concentrate on being the Visionary Leader you need to be to grow your business and impact so you can change the world.
Are you stuck in the "old ways" of doing it all yourself or even worse NOT doing the things you need to do but hate doing?

...if so, the the opportunity cost may be killing your business...

let's unlock your hidden powers with the help of an Integrator and an army of world class virtual team members and tools
the founder
Olga Fomenko grew up watching her father building businesses in the post-Soviet Russia where free enterprise was not even a thing. She inherited his free spirit and started her first business at the age of 17.  

After moving to the US and working hard in other people's businesses for a decade she got a taste of American Dream, decided to become a full-time entrepreneur and never looked back.

Through highs and lows, she's built herself from ground up in the online business space and now helping others to do the same.
Today Olga is an Integrator and Performance Specialist for high net worth freedom-seeking business owners.

She is passionate about working with virtual teams, building systems that allow business owners to have the lifestyle they dream of, and all things marketing.

She is the founder and operator at the Expert Brand Hub... Where she helps business rockstars delegate all the tactical stuff they don't want to do and shouldn't be doing to a virtual team.  So the business owner can focus on their area of genius, love what they're doing every day, and move their businesses forward to dominate their niche. 

Olga is continuously learning and growing and believes that your NET WORTH equals your NETWORK that's why she enjoys being a part of a number of amazing communities of entrepreneurs and business owners.
brand awareness
Our experts will help you create the brand that is cohesive and consistent across all your digital media. 

So no matter where your ideal client runs into you, they can recognize your brand and voice. 
If you are going to be a trusted resource, you'll need to show up like one!

Pair paid strategies with best-kept secret FREE TRAFFIC strategies that are used by the top marketers of the world!

Our team helps you create the content publishing strategy that suits your goals to quicker position you as an authority and get you in front of your ideal clients fast.
You know you HAVE TO DO IT RIGHT in the 2020's...

No more playing around with posting someone else's content or automatically syndicating posts across all platforms!

Stand out! Be SMART about your Social Strategy... We can help you do that.
Copywriting is a huge part of Marketing Success and we have the exact resources you need today to communicate your message to your ideal audience...

Emails, Video Scripts, Headlines... that CONVERT and a professionally trained copywriter on staff.
Let us help you navigate through the baddest funnels strategies that are used by the top world's marketers so you can make more sales and more impact!
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  Google Ads
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Invest in your business and diversify your marketing strategies to become bulletproof for any changes that are outside your control!
"My mission - is to help visionary business owners and entrepreneurs turn their vision into reality and build the lifestyle they deserve while making our world a better place"
- Olga Fomenko
owner-operator & performance specialist
expert brand hub
WAYS WE CAN serve you:
ways we can work with you:
“If you want to go fast, go alone. 
If you want to go far, go together.”
- African Proverb
there is no problem our incredible team can't solve. our rolodex consists of experts in all digital marketing aspects and arenas. and our main values are quality & loyalty.
I needed a Facebook content person to create the content for Ecommerce Launch Summit and post it. Everyone I talked to said "Olga!" So Olga Fomenko joined the Team. I had no idea just how strong her marketing chops are. I'm a Project Manager, and she gives me a run for my money. I feel totally confident that Olga's got my back on social media...
- Mynders Glover, ecommerce launch summit host
Olga, I wanted to send you a huge THANK YOU for all of your help with my real estate investor marketing plan. You are such an easy consultant to work with because you explained every aspect of marketing to me in a way that I didn't make me feel like a dumb person...😊 You helped me create an action plan that was easy to implement, but more importantly, one that I understand. I know how each part of the action plan will help our business and that's the most important part...
- Jessica samuels, Real estate investor
Olga has the incredible vision and knows EXACTLY how to structure offer so sales are a slam dunk. She is methodical, detailed, and obviously loves the process. If you ever get an opportunity to work with her,  jump on it.  She's a unicorn.
- carla while, idea to app & gratitude journal app
Olga is amazing at using Instagram and social media to gain leads!
She was amazing to work with. She instantly grasped our business goals, and was able to give us easy to implement strategies that brought in leads and got us attention in our marketplace. She was especially good at explaining the plan in a way that I could understand and then implement
- Steve werner, speaker at clickfunnels 
Remind them of the scarcity. That waiting will have consequences.
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